EPISODE 041: Making More Time for What Lights You Up with Melodie Mattes

Y'all. Laura and I are elated after sitting down last week and chatting with our girl Melodie Mattes! Melodie is a stunning example of what it means to be a multi-passionate doer and an all-around wonderful human being. She is a wife and mom to the most adorable twin boys, a full time teacher, and somehow still finds time to teach Sweat & Swagger and Zumba!

How cute is our lovely Melodie?!

So if you're all like "HOW the heck does she make time for all of that?!" worry no further, because she's ready to explain. In today's episode, Melodie explains how she manages to find balance in her busy schedule, as well as how important it is to make the time for the things that light you up

Melodie even told us what it was like to teach dance fitness during the height of the pandemic, and how she had to make adjustments in order to keep everyone safe. Those outdoor classes that kept her sane during a time of social distancing still happen today! 

So, if you're in need of some enlightenment, words of wisdom & cozy girl talk, do not skip out on this episode! You're going to love it & love Melodie!

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