About Us

Hi! We are Holly and Laura.

Your friendly neighborhood boss ladies.

You might think we're lying when we tell you that we've been best friends since birth - literally. That's right: our parents were actually friends before we were born, because our older brothers were in kindergarten together. The crazier part? Their friendship started in Brooklyn, NY (about an hour away from where we both live), and our parents COINCIDENTALLY moved three blocks away from each other on Long Island - one year apart. Yep, we know; it's literally crazy. 

31 years later, we're still attached to the hip. Our family members, friends and even our clients know that we're kind of a package deal. In 2016, we both worked for another cleaning company about minutes away, and in 2017, we decided to branch off on our own more local. That's when our cleaning company, Chores & More LLC, was born.

We've since grown our business to gross well over six figures, have hired lots of (both good & bad) employees, and have learned so much. Our passion for helping others evolved into a passion for connecting with and helping other business owners who struggle in the same ways we do - so we launched Hustled Up in April 2022.

​Be sure to check out our shop (launching soon) & connect with us via our Hustled Up Facebook group!