EPISODE 070: Establishing a Successful Recruiting Process & Building a Strong Culture with Libby DeLucien

Pinch me. I'm dreaming!

Y'ALL. We got to sit down & chat with the queen of recruiting herself, Libby DeLucien! I'm not kidding when I tell you that we should be charging for the episode. It's that good

A serial entrepreneur & dedicated family woman, there is truly nothing Libby can't do! She founded three businesses - Organize It, WootRecruit, & ServiceCart. Libby has guided over 750 service business owners, helping them scale their businesses with confidence and achieving an average 10x increase in monthly recruiting within six months.

To kick off the episode, Libby gave us a glimpse into her background, revealing that she's a country girl from Oklahoma, half Mexican & half Native American, and a sports enthusiast (with a full-sized basketball court in her backyard!). 

I then asked Libby the million-dollar question: how does she balance her busy life? Libby shared a valuable lesson she learned from a mentor: there's no true work-life balance. Instead, it's about managing energy. As an entrepreneur, your work life and home life often bleed into each other (tough truth right there). It's crucial to manage your energy and approach everything with intention.

After talking about balance & burnout & the need to stay busy, we quickly realized that we could relate to the feeling of spinning our wheels without making progress. Libby acknowledged that she still has those days and stressed the importance of doing regular audits and reassessments. Burnout often happens when we don't recognize the need for a break or fail to ask for help - which is how we transitioned our conversation to Libby's journey of learning to delegate and empower her team, which was a game-changer for her business and personal well-being.

I then asked Libby for advice on hiring the first employee. Libby shared her initial struggles with cleaning and how getting pregnant forced her to rely on others. She emphasized the importance of defining your company's values, mission, and vision, as these guide you in finding the right fit. She compared hiring to dating, suggesting starting with referrals from friends and social media before moving on to platforms like Indeed. 

Libby recounted how her frustrating experiences with no-shows at interviews led to the creation of WootRecruit. She read "Exponential Organization," which inspired her to leverage time, much like unicorn companies leverage assets. WootRecruit was born from her need to hire efficiently while running a booming cleaning business. The platform focuses on leveraging the applicant's time, automating processes, and ensuring a great experience for both applicants and employers.

We then, of course, shared our positive experiences with Woot Recruit and how stacked interviews transformed our hiring process (not sponsored, just major fan girls of the software). Libby stressed the importance of creating a professional and welcoming environment for interviews, noting that every aspect of the process, from reading the hiring booklet to the interview itself, is part of the evaluation.

As the episode wrapped up, I asked Libby for the biggest lesson she's learned since starting her business. Libby advised investing in yourself - focus on personal development, hire a coach & pay for the answers! She stressed that paying for the right guidance can accelerate growth and prevent years of struggle. We can attest to this. Trust me. 

This episode was packed with valuable insights and actionable advice from Libby. Whether you're struggling with work-life balance, hiring, or just looking for inspiration, Libby's journey offers something for everyone. Grab a notebook & listen carefully - you're going to looooove this episode!

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