EPISODE 036. Talking DIRTy with JeanMarie Pfeifer

Y'ALL. Today's episode is truly .. *chef's kiss* splendid! You already know that we've been in the cleaning industry for more than eight years. And while most of our content is dedicated to business owners in all industries, sometimes we like to niche down and talk about all things cleaning business ownership.

We got to sit down and chat with a local cleaning business owner - the lovely and energetic JeanMarie Pfeifer! She has owned her company, Shore To Shore Cleaning, for over 7 years, and offered SO much information on today's episode. JeanMarie shares her origin story and how she got started in this industry, the importance of listening to your gut, how to break down a big goal to make it attainable, and all about her love for networking! She is the founder of Let's Talk Dirt-y, an industry-specific networking group for cleaning company owners to unite. 

Join us as we talk all things cleaning company ownership - and make sure you grab a notebook and a pen, because you're going to want to take lots of notes!

Are you a local cleaning business owner? Join JeanMarie & us at the next Let's Talk Dirt-y meeting this Wednesday in Smithtown! You can find the details & register here!

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