But seriously. Always be hiring!

Today, Laura & I discuss the importance of always hiring in a service-based business (or, at the very least, always interviewing). We talk about the concept of the bench (yes, it's a thing) and how to successfully maintain it. We share the (low key terrifying) statistic that 52% of employees are thinking about quitting their job, which is why being prepared for employee turnover is SO important. 

In order to succeed with your staffing situation & minimize chaos, it is important to offer a good job (with good pay, incentives & an amazing company culture), stay vigilant with your team, and always be overstaffed so that you remain in control. 


  • 52% of your employees are thinking about quitting, so always be prepared for turnover
  • Consider 'benching' potential candidates by keeping their information on file for future hiring needs
  • A good training system, takes a lot of time & money, so you need to always keep the wheels spinning by constantly hiring & training
  • Offer a great job with good pay and an amazing company culture to attract and retain employees
  • Always be overstaffed so that you remain in control!

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