Yay! You've made a sale & booked a service .. now what?

Are you guilty of nurturing a client throughout your sales process and then kind of ghosting them once they're booked & in your calendar? Communication shouldn't stop once the sale is made - in fact, that's only the beginning! 

Laura & I have spent years developing & perfecting my client onboarding process, and today, we're sharing it with you. No gatekeeping here, baby! Not only do we share what the process looks like, but we also talk about what software can be used to create certain documents and forms, and why having a thorough onboarding process is so important. 

Some communications sent in our onboarding process:

  • Terms of service packet
  • Service breakdown with pricing options
  • Client onboarding form
  • Initial cleaning package options
Nurturing a client from booking up to their initial cleaning service minimizes risk for you, your team & your client! It also sets expectations with your client, & sets you up for success. Having a thorough onboarding process avoids future conflicts and, of course, it makes you look organized & good

If you're in the service industry, grab a notebook and listen carefully - you do not want to miss this episode! 

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