🎵 It's the most chaotic time of the year! 🎵

We talking about all things scheduling today! After five years in business, we've realy learned the best ways to stay on top of the holiday craziness. Are you a business owner who struggles with the holiday schedule? Maybe you don't know how to handle business closures, or maybe the idea of an employee call-out makes you physically ill? Don't worry boo, we got you! 

Our tactical, step-by-step strategies are proven to ease the chaos of the holiday schedule. Stay one step ahead this year by implementing all of the things that we discuss. We talk alllllll about company closures, timelines and the importance of setting expectations!

Some things to remember: 
  • Know what your policies are! What holidays will you close every year? What are your work hours? What attendance polices do you have in place for your staff? Be specific!
  • Set expectations right away! A website FAQ page or a Terms of Service document will help with this. List your company closures right there for your potential clients to see.
  • Prepare early! Start contacting clients who fall on the holiday early with alternative dates for their service. Stay one step ahead of your schedule!
  • Make sure your employees know your policies. Do you not allow excused absences during certain time periods? Let them know. Incentivize them to work. Make sure they know how important they are to you! Motivate them!

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