EPISODE 047. Creative Ways to Keep Your Staff Motivated & Happy

Real talk: employee turnover is super expensive and it's also frustrating for you, your staff and your clients. And it sucks for everyone involved.

If you ever feel like you struggle to keep your employees motivated and happy - or if you just think your company culture needs a little pizazz, we got you. Today, we're talking about all the creative ways we keep their employees happy and working hard. Implementing these fun and cost-effective incentives and strategies can really take your company culture to the next level. 

A few things we talk about in this episode: 

  • consistent staff meetings
  • compliments & praise for a job well done
  • events & parties
  • friendly contests to keep everyone motivated
  • gifts #thelittlethings
If you're in need of some fun ideas to make your staff happy - tune into this one! 

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