Guess who's back? .. Back again?! ✨

After a seasonal hiatus, I'm excited to announce that we are back & better than ever! We're finally ready to take Hustled Up to the next level. We are officially mop-free business owners & we've been diving deep into the back end of our business, and we want to talk allllllll about it. Between employee retention, marketing, keeping clients happy, branding, and (unfortunately) numbers (ugh), we've been learning and implementing so much. But as we grow, we face new challenges, too - business ownership ain't a walk in the park and, as our mentor Debbie Sardone says - "there's a new devil at every level." 

This catch-up episode will get you ready for what to expect from us - and trust me when I say it's going to be real damn good. Buckle up!

In this episode, we chat about:

  • their business trip to Chicago
  • the importance of seeking education & mentorship
  • what you can expect from us going forward
  • and a few other things!

Do you have any questions for us, or topic suggestions? Type them in the comments below & we'll answer them!

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