HOLY MOLY; is it really almost 2023 already?!

It's your girl Holly! And today, I am taking the reigns and, of course, it's all about planning! In this second episode of the "Plan Your Hustle" series, I am talking all about setting goals and, more specifically, achieving them in 2023. Using a planner to set and keep track of your goals & resolutions can help tremendously as you strive for success, and I am sharing my favorite goal-setting strategies with you today! So grab a pen & start thinking about the goals you'd like to achieve in 2023 - because next year is the damn year that you will attain them!

Some of my favorite goal-setting strategies:

  • Set specific long-term and short-term goals. Make sure they are reasonable & attainable!
  • Write those goals down in your planner. So you don't forget them, of course!
  • Create a vision board. This can be so much fun! Create of collage of all the things that represent your goals in 2023. It doesn't have to be fancy!
  • Keep track of your progress by using goal trackers. Hold yourself accountable by tracking the steps towards each goal. These trackers can be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly trackers.
  • Decide on a word of the year. Let this word be the theme of your year. Let it help you make positive and necessary changes in all aspects of your life. 
    for example: I chose the word proactive for 2022 because I am aiming to be more proactive at work & in other areas of my life!
  • Not mentioned in this episode: mind-mapping. How exactly are you going to attain that goal? Mind map it. Figure out every single step that's needed and write it down in your planner. 

You can listen to me ramble on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts! I really hope you enjoy this one!

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